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Denuncias de discriminación por razón de sexo Share

How can I report this?

Among its other functions, the Institute of Women receives and channels complaints from women concerning specific cases of de facto or de jure sex discrimination.

Anybody who feels they have been discriminated against due to their sex can contact this department, setting out the reasons behind this discrimination, providing the following details:

  • Personal details: Name, surname(s) and address
  • Identification of the person, organisation or company supposedly responsible for the discrimination

Send the report sheet (from Downloads) to:

  • By post: Institute of Women (Legal Department)

    C/ Condesa de Venadito nº 34. 28027 Madrid

  • By email:

The received complaints are then sent on to the relevant public department along with the accompanying documentation.

Under no circumstances are the complaints sent to judicial bodies. The party concerned must do this in person.

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