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Equal Opportunities Training

In order to ensure real, effective equality between men and women, as well as a political will, people need to have the necessary knowledge and awareness, skills and techniques to be able to analyse reality from a gender perspective, encourage research and make this knowledge accessible to those responsible for putting equality policies into practice, on all levels, so that it may filter into society as a whole and become a part of our culture.

To achieve this, good training is essential. In fact, the design and implementation of equality policies always goes hand in hand with education and training.

The Institute of Women collaborates in these processes by researching into equality training, designing specific teaching approaches, preparing teaching materials, promoting and imparting in-class and online courses on equality, and designing assessment indicators and processes.

This section offers a detailed list of online and in-class courses, seminars and teaching materials, information which can also be found in the Guide “Equal Opportunities for Women and Men Training Plan”.