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Associative Movement

One of the Institute of Women's objectives is to promote associativism between women as a way of changing their social situation. For this reason, the creation and maintenance of the associative movement is of great importance, and, throughout its history, it has sought to improve equal opportunities in Spain, either directly thanks to subsidised programmes, or in collaboration with Spain's regional administrations and local organisations.

This collaboration has been very close, with a view to offering different means of support to organisations which act in favour of women's rights. The central philosophy is that without strong and independent associations that deal with women's problems, it would be very difficult for the Public Administration to always take the necessary steps.

Therefore, since its early days, the Institute of Women has sought to set up shelters for abused women, orientation services, supervised flats for young women with families, legal advice centres etc.

The Institute not only sets aside an important part of its budget to subsidise activities for such groups, but also offers courses to orientate associations on how to deal with gender questions. It has also created an extensive database containing information on associations, transmitting this information to organisations and centres of interest acting in the field of equal opportunities.

Support instruments

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