Instituto de la Mujer
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Our functions


  • We study the situation facing women in Spain in the legal, social, economic, educational, cultural and health fields.
  • We gather information and documentation concerning women.
  • We undertake initiatives to raise awareness of gender equality.
  • We are actively involved in training both women and men in matters of equality, offering training directly and promoting its development through other agents.
  • We deal with statistical data concerning the situation facing women in Spain. This data is obtained by means of the State Gender Indicator System designed by the Institute of Women.
  • We prepare reports and promote measures that contribute to eliminating discrimination against women in today's society.
  • We monitor the current legislation and its application in matters of interest to the Institute.
  • We promote relations between similar institutions on a local and regional level, especially through the Sectorial Conference and other cooperation bodies working in this area.
  • We promote the provision of services to women, and, in particular, those aimed at women who are especially vulnerable.
  • We receive and channel complaints regarding specific de facto or de jure cases of gender discrimination.
  • We provide information regarding women's rights and offer advice in matters of gender discrimination. 
  • We promote the full participation of women in the Information Society.
  • We contribute to recovering and conserving the collective historical memory of women.
  • We manage the funds from the European Social Fund
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